Point, Line, Plane: Allison Cissna


In my first image, I found a screw in the wall at my work that represented functions as point, marking a position in space. The screw stands out from the background because of the light and dark contrast. I really liked the texture of the wall with it as well, it made the screw stand out from the rest.

In the second image, I found a plant that functions as a line because the bold line that it creates through each leaf. The thick green lines spread out through the picture and the viewer can still see that the line is made up of the plant itself but the overall form is a bunch of lines. The texture and color of the plant brings out the bold lines. Before I took this picture I didn’t use flash and in this one I did use flash, I noticed that had a huge effect as well.

In the third image, I found a planters box outside of my work that functions primarily as a plane and in some ways volumes. In this picture the planter box has a large flat surface with specific outlines and shapes. The straight edge of the box draws attention as well as the texture and color in comparison to the flowers. You can also see that the back wall of the building is actually a 3-dimensional object. It has volume, including height, width, and depth. I would say that the planter box does just that as well being that you can see the edges and texture along with the height of the box in comparison to the wall and ground.

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