Point, Line, Plane: Katrina Bittner


As a previous art student, I have studied and created points, lines, and planes frequently. All three can be found together and separately, and are easily found in everyday life. We often used them to draw three dimensional figures such as cubes and pyramids. The first image on the left is the image I selected for line. The image features many lines which overlap one another in a linear fashion. The railing lines are more obvious since they are bold and contrast against the light background of the horizon. The horizon is also a less obvious line, but a line nonetheless that is almost parallel to the railing. The horizon featuring a slightly different color from the sky and water, clearly define where the two planes (Sky and water) meet. The crisp and sharp edges of the railings overlapping suggest even more planes between them where there is negative space.

The next photo features several brightly colored geodes that I found breathtaking in a gem shop. Each geode is an individual plane, defined by the sharp curve around them. There are several planes within the geode which makes it more interesting and adds depth and dimension. The smooth surface of the geode is what I decided to focus on, as it has a solid color that is defined by a contrasting colored edge.

The third image on the far right defines a point. The eye is drawn to the upper right of the photo, where my sister is riding her bike close to where the horizon ends and comes to a point. Her bright red shirt contrasts against the earthy colors around her making her the single focus of the photo. A series of curved parallel lines draw the viewer’s focus towards the point.


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