Pattern Design Reflection: Lillie Williams

For this pattern design project, I decided to take my inspiration from my heritage. I was adopted from China in a small place called Lianhua (Lee-an-whoo-ah). Lianhua translated means lotus flower. Therefore, I decided to make designs that focused around lotus flowers.

Tiger-Lotus Pattern 

My first pattern I tried to make the lines of a tiger because I was born the year of the tiger. I decided to use the charcoal-pencil style under the brush tool to draw my lotus flower. The reason I chose that style was because I wanted it to show an older, almost faded look to it. The reason for the faded look was because even though that my heritage is a part of who I am it can sometimes be forgotten. It’s not something that I think about all the time. I used the envelope distort to give the lotus a more settle movement as well and it made the pattern look more organic.


Experimenting colors: Tiger-lotus

I chose a set of analogous colors and different tones of yellow because it reminded me of Chinese royal colors. I wanted to keep to the theme of my heritage. However, that did not stop me from experimenting with other colors as well. I looked at orange and black because those were the colors of a tiger. I also looked at nature colors, traditional colors that can be found at a Chinese festival, and natural lotus colors. I can see this design as a wallpaper or maybe a scarf.

Exploring Lotus Pattern

My second pattern I used the petals of the main flower to create an illusion of it spreading apart. The center represents my roots and where I came from and then the flower petals that are spreading represent myself growing as an individual. I wanted to show that my heritage is always a part of who I am and where I started.


Experimenting colors: Exploring lotus

The colors I chose were colors I think of when I imagine space. Space has limitless possibilities and discoveries that I thought that would enhance my idea of the petals representing growth. There is more to be seen and to explore in my life. The colors in my final pattern design creates a contrast due to the range of values in it. The other colors I experimented with gave another mood to the pattern. For example, there was a more settle mood in the third design due to less contrast from a majority of the design. I can see this design as maybe a pillow for furniture.

Tiger-lotus bezold effect

Exploring lotus bezold effect

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