Pattern Design Reflection: Kim Conway

PrintPrintI was walking down the paths on the WSU campus and began to notice certain patterning within the bricks and concrete. Some of it was colored but only slightly different than the rest. I found that there are certain places that do have very colorful concrete and pattering such as children’s playgrounds, schools, and museums. There may be more but these are where I decided to get my inspiration to use color. I found some circular concrete pattering that I really thought was nice so I decided to create a variation on that.concrete circles

I thought that finding a beautiful concrete pattern in a garden on a path would be really wonderful and add more beauty to a place that is full of color. I chose to create a sort of geometric rose shape and color it with pink and purple shades. The second was a circular shape that I sort of took from the circular pattern I found as inspiration, but instead of really overlaying it I spread it a bit and allowed some white triangular shapes to show through. I would maybe not use this as a path of sorts anywhere, but perhaps as a tile in a shower or backsplash in a kitchen. I decided to try and change the colors from pinks and purples to cooler colors of blues and purples. To me it works, but I am not sure where it would belong. I used various greens for the circles and I think its nice but I’m not sure it would be the colors id use in the everyday situation. I decided to try the pinks from the first rose concrete design I made in the variation of the circles and I find it nice as well but still don’t think anyone would use it in their homes.colored concrete

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