Pattern Design Reflection: Rachel Bigler

This is the cover of the band called The Killers album day “Day & Ages” that was released in 2008

This is the round-about by the vet school that inspired the circles in my design









For my first pattern, I was inspired by a song called “Spaceman” by the killers and a sort of round-about area near the vet school on campus. First when I heard that we could look to a song for inspiration Spaceman popped into my head and I instantly knew what colors I wanted to use (those night time and star like colors), and the ideas I wanted to incorporate into this. Within the song there is a line that talks about beams of light coming from the sky which is something I knew I wanted to show in my design, then I saw the round-about that had these lines inside them that reminded me of the light beams and I wanted to incorporate that into the pattern. With the final product of my pattern I could see it being used as a wallpaper either digitally on a laptop or on an actual wall in like a SYFI loving kids room or maybe like a technology classroom. When it came to showing this in another color scheme I got 70’s wall paper vibes from the pattern so I made a scheme that was based off those bright oranges and blues.

My second pattern was inspired by one of my favorite pictures of my cat and the shape of his head and fur around his chest. I then had the idea to create that outline shape that is seen in my cat and then take the colors from the picture and use those for my scheme. I also got 70’s vibes from the curves in this pattern so I replicated the oranges and blues from the previous pattern and put them In this one. The color was something that I played around with a lot with this patter because I wasn’t sure what aspects I wanted to make stand out to the viewers so I made three different color combos. As far as what this pattern would be used for I could see it being used in furniture for like a couch in a school like WSU or on campus lounges.

This is the second color scheme I chose for my cat pattern

This is the first cat color scheme I did

This is the second color scheme I did

This is the second color scheme I chose for this pattern

This is my first pattern with the space colors


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