Pattern Design Reflection: Katrina Bittner

I was extremely excited when we were given the prompt for this project. I instantly knew that I wanted to create a pattern that was meaningful to me, and that I could put more into than just the minimum. I wanted to put my emotion and meaning into these patterns, which is why I chose to take inspiration from two animals that hold deep symbolism to me. The first, being a monarch butterfly- something that symbolizes my Grandmother and love. I have always loved butterflies, but it was not until my Grandmother’s passing that the monarch butterfly took on a new meaning. My mom and I would always see a monarch butterfly when we would visit the place where we used to go hiking with my grandma, and have since connected the two. I wanted to use a butterfly as my basic shape in the pattern- which is where the silhouette and butterfly image come in. I used the colors found in the monarch butterfly image to help create a simple, yet natural portrayal of a monarch butterfly. I also contrasted the monarch butterfly, which has a bright- natural feel; with an ashy blue butterfly. While still beautiful, this butterfly depicts sadness and the emotion my family felt when my grandmother passed. Both butterflies are extremely meaningful to me, and contrast each other deeply in more than just the aspect of color. For my second pattern, I decided to use a peacock for inspiration. When my family went to Hawaii last winter, we saw many peacocks on the island and since then the beautiful bird has reminded me of the fun times I had with my family on the beach. Not only is the peacock meaningful to me, but it also has natural patterns within its feathers, and has beautiful, bright colors. I decided to make a pattern out of a peacock feather and used various shapes and sizes to create the desired effect. The bright blue and green colors seem natural and bright, like a tropical vacation, where as the bleak brown colors remind me of the middle of winter where everything is monotone.

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