Pattern Design Reflection: Kim Santos


For my final pattern design, I decided to do something that was a little more personal to myself. I was born and raised on a tiny tropical island that depends a lot on tourism. I grew up around many emphasized island prints and designs that were intended to attract more tourists. They were on postcards, welcome signs, restaurant menus, and more. I was first inspired by one of my images from the first blog post, of simple bushes from around campus. For a while, I stuck to the idea of a leaf, a split leaf to be specific. I then did more research on things related to island culture (graphically, at least). I looked through countless images of tribal tattoos and homemade quilts. Aside from that, I was also taken with one of the floor patterns of the library study lounges.

I played off of a lot of these designs, messing with shapes, their colors, and just the organization in general. I had thought a lot about promoting more of tribal art, but it was difficult to do so without (unintentionally) recreating the entire design. I finally went with a single shape and went with a color scheme that reminded me of island characteristics, such as the ocean or the famous hibiscus flower.

I visualized a lot of my work in places I grew up seeing it, the tourism industry. Another place I imagined it was in the schools I attended and of course the rest of them as well. We often celebrate our culture through many events during the school year. The pattern could be used in newsletters, yearbooks, programs, bulletin boards, and other school affiliated prints.

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