Pattern Design Reflection: Zach Prybell

My inspiration for my first design was rivers, I like the way they cut through the earth to form valleys and island. After looking at some pictures of river valleys I started creating

shapes that represent island that you would see in a river. They I decided to make the island that I created form a cross and bunch three of them together so that and put two smaller crosses on top of the biggest cross. Once I had my shape designed I wanted to make it

represent the natural look that the islands I designed it after had, so I colored the bottom cross a light brown like dirt/land, then I made the middle cross a green that looks like a grass type look. And for the top cross I choose to make it a very light blue almost white, I did this to represent snow. I wanted this to give my design some vertical depth, like the island was tall enough to have a snow-cap, and after that I put a blue background for the water. The second colors scheme I went with was based off a hot and cold idea that is loosely based off a volcano.  I made a red background to give it a hot feeling, and the base cross was turned black for contrast, then I made the middle an orange to along with the warmth but I choose the top to be a blue again because I liked the quick change from the warm that the orange and red gave off to the cool feeling the blue gave.



My second design was based of architecture and geometric shapes. This design for the first color scheme is a yellow square background, with a light blue octagon on top of that there is a black octagon. After the octagons I put an orange circle over them, and on top of that is a red triangle. I chose these shape because I felt that I kept seeing them in nature and man built structures and that the angle I was trying to take with this design. The other color scheme I choose to make the background green with a pink octagon on the bottom, a blue one on top of that, a purple-ish circle on top of that and a green/blue triangle on top of it all. The reason I picked these colors is because they are a lot softer than then first scheme so it was less contrast and more blending together.

I see these patterns getting used in the real world as maybe backgrounds to a computer or like a loading screen type situation. They are very bright so I don’t think I could see any of them as a wall paper or article of clothing.

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