Part 5: Digital Pattern Development






The reason I am creating this pattern is because I love the simplicity of the pattern and the symmetry of the pattern itself. A character I created for a screenplay I am writing inspired this pattern. The character wears a black outfit that has a dark blue hood and scabbards. The straps on the scabbards wrap around his torso, making a blue x on his torso. This pattern very much represents the things I like and my style. This is because black and blue are my favorite colors and affects my choice of wardrobe as well. The pattern might represent structure to other people because it might look like some kind of tower or a house of cards. The screenplay is not complete yet, so it is not currently tangible. It is a series of ideas I have in my brain, but that is what makes it unique. It is a design that has deeper meaning for me and that is why I wanted to use it for this project. I knew what to pick for this pattern because I knew what I wanted to get my inspiration from and what attributes I wanted to use from that inspiration. For the first one, I used blue because it is the color of his costume. For the second and final one, I used red and purple because there are side characters who wear a red and a purple costume.


The other pattern is clearly based off of the yin yang symbol from Asian Symbolism. They symbolize many things, but they most commonly represent the good and bad sides of a person. Usually, the yin and yang symbol is drawn as a circle divided with an S shaped line. I created this pattern because I enjoy the shapes used. When I was younger, I very much enjoyed drawing the yin yang symbol. To me, this represents conflict within one’s self, a conflict that can last a long time. The pattern might mean opposites to other being. Other people like to associate this symbol with the ongoing battle between good and evil, but I do not believe it is that simple. The design is inspired by the idea of the yin and yang, and is therefore intangible. I knew what shapes to use because the yin and yang symbol is a circle. The colors I used changed around. For the first one, I used the traditional black and white. For the second one, I used red and blue, which are usually seen as colors that conflict with each other. For the final one, I went with orange and purple because I felt as if I could get some real contrast from those colors being used together. Another interesting thing I wanted to add was that I purposely had some parts of the symbols overlapping others so show that sometimes some parts overshadow others, like good and bad.

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