Pattern Design Reflection: Allison Cissna

My inspiration for these pattern designs was a mosaic tile theme that I have seen in my great aunt’s backyard where she lives down in Mexico, these intricate patterns can be found all over her house and ceramic vases that she had when I was little. Some of my inspiration was sparked on Pinterest and often I have been seeing these patterns on things like apparel, office supplies, and much more. Before I created this pattern I had no experience with ever making a pattern so I was excited to try and see what I could possibly create. I wanted to challenge myself so I decided to create the patterns I see a lot of and patterns I enjoy seeing. I wanted to use organic shapes to give off a natural tone because if you look at most mosaic tiles then you would get the same vibe from those as well. Most tiles with such detail are often found in bathrooms, and outdoor patio tiles. For the color schemes I chose to try natural and warm tones and I also wanted to try fun and eye popping colors. With the warm natural tones I added a neutral beige background to give again a natural tone that you would most commonly see in a mosaic tile. I am not a huge fan of the other color schemes I used because they do not go along with the usual mosaic tile theme. I can see my pattern being used on luggage, rugs, or possible tile designs in the real world future.

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