Pattern Design Reflection: Mary Gerber



Driftwood color scheme.

When creating my designs, I felt inspiration from the beach at my family cabin I spent many summers at when I was young. Camano Island has a particular portion of beach that is filled to the shore with driftwood. My first design is inspired by the driftwood that is pushed onto the shore with the changing tides – the lighter the shade of wood, the longer the driftwood is to have been on shore and exposed to the sunlight; the darker, the closer it lies to the tide. My initial color scheme is straightfoward and represents driftwood, and how it lightens the farther away it is from the shore.


Golden hour color scheme.



For my second driftwood color scheme, I wanted to brighten the colors in order to represent the shore in the later evenings as the sunset reflects upon the water. The shore illuminates and everything but the water appears to have a golden hue, hence my choice of orange and yellow shades in the second color scheme. I kept a teal-green contrast as the background in order to represent the dark ocean at this time of day.




Underwater color scheme.

I was inspired by seashells for my second pattern. The circular lines represent the ridges that develop on seashells as they age. My first color scheme is bright and has different shades of teal. This color scheme represents the shells when they are sprawled across the deep ocean floor.






Washed Out color scheme.


The second color scheme is much more bland and grey, which represents seashells once they are cast upon the shore, and bleached by the sun. I chose a grey background for this second color scheme to represent the grey shades of rocks and various pebbles that lie below the shells on shore.




I foresee these images being used in the interiors of beach cabins. I envision them on cozy throw pillows, shower curtains, and other varieties of cabin textiles.

About Mary Gerber

Hello! My name is Mary and I am from Seattle, Washington. I am currently living in Pullman as a senior at Washington State University. I am studying Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations, and I am minoring in Digital Technology & Culture.
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