Point, Line, Plane: Lloyd Proctor


Its interesting how a multitude of different elements can all be points and functions the same. A point marks a position in space, but that space isn’t limited to just one specific location within that space. This image displays the point concept but there are several points, all of which are equal and some take priority over others depending on the viewer’s perspective.


The tailings and their parallel position that is continues throughout the image depicts what most would consider to be a line. Lines depending on the type can be easy to see or quite difficult. In this images case, its is easy and there are several types of lines. However, my implied focus is on the train track railings. The lines are think but stand out, there are straight and continuous. The lines draw the eye and force you to follow them from the bottom of the image to the top. The lines is solid and it is easily digestible for the viewer to not only see the line, but know what it is.


When I took the photo of the gallery, I wanted the focus to be on the space itself and not the pieces within it. The space almost frames the framed images and creates its own image. There is a lot of negative space, but that is essential to shape the image. The image has a medium distance and a cropped like shape that supports the space quite well. The perspective of the cropped like image was to give the viewer the idea that the image was ongoing or limited and that weather it was or wasn’t was to be determined by who was looking at it. A plane is a line with breadth, but I also think that this image had depth which makes it so much more interesting to look at.

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