Point, Line, Plane: Patricio Orozco


Inside The Spark G45 room with the round screen.

Inside The Spark G45 room with the round screen.

Points, lines, and planes are the fundamentals of every design, image, shape. My first image a many various ways that shows lines, points and planes. You could easily see a line that divides the screen panels from the ceiling. The way is shown on the photograph you get the sense that the screen is going down in the 3D dimensional field. it very hard to see many of the lines and planes of the projectors and barriers that are hanging from the ceiling because of the same color compared to the ceiling. But you could see their own image planes based on the shadows it creates from the provided light source. The light themselves gives a point in which to reference to, giving it a grid of the ceiling. The ceiling consists of lines and planes, the tiles are the planes while in between each plane there is a line. Most of the lines, planes and dots are geometric, they all consist of basic shapes while the glare that the light is giving of is more organic because its self produce making a unique shape.



The unlighted light in my room.

The second image is a picture of my light. from what you can tell its is more based on circles. The reason for being a circle is that when it illuminates light, it needs to illuminate in all ways possible making everything possible in its radius to receive light. the middle is the middle point or at least where your eyes will focus on first, for being in the center and isolated from other shape surrounded by a clear white plane. Then your eyes start moving outwards exploring what is left in the image.





One of the power switches in my room.

The third image is an image of a power switch and its cover. It’s nice and simple because you could see the lines that separate the cover and the wall. In this example its easier to see because the cover has a more smooth texture, while the wall has a rougher texture. Just like my second image there is a middle point which is the screw that hold the cover together to the wall. The shadows it illuminates gives the cover an 3D feel.


About Patricio Orozco

I am 21 years old. I was born in Mexico but came to the United States when I was little to get a better education. I am the youngest in my family as well as being a twin. I am currently studying at WSU! My major in mind is Digital, Technology and Culture, DTC for short. I enjoy playing video games. I am interested in creating my personal drawings either from pencil or digital. I have taken an introductory drawing class at WSU, and that is where I started to get into drawing. I was always been interested in 3D art, or more on the 3D printing designs. What I want to be in the future is digital design or animator.
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