Point, Line, Plane: Kimberley Conway


This is an image I took of my shorts at my apartment.

The first Image is representing point. It took a while for me to really find a good example of point that was in the physical world rather than the digital. I happened to be wearing some mesh shorts and looked down to notice they were a decent example of point. The book describes point as a pair of x and y coordinates, and tells us that it marks a point in space. Each point seen in the mesh of my shorts is a mark describing a pair of x and y coordinates.






This is an image I took of my closet doors in my apartment. 

It states in Graphic Design the New Basics, that “a line is an infinite series of points…the connection between two points, or…the path of a moving point…lines appear at the edges of objects and where two planes meet.” After reading that I was looking for a good example of line that I thought would best represent this information. This is the image of a folding door I have in my apartment where the two folding pieces meet it creates a negative space forming a line. I chose this over a few different images of line that I was able to find like the corner where two walls meet.




This is an image I took of my folding table in my apartment. 

The final image I found was for plane. There are so many examples of planes when you look around a house or neighborhood. I decided to use the example of my folding table as it is a flat surface expanding in both height and width. It is considered a bounded plane as its lines have been closed to form a shape.


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