Textures: Allison Cissna

For this first blog post I was searching for a cool pattern to use and that’s when I noticed just how many textures and patterns are around me. In my opinion, the difference between texture and pattern is textures are more three dimensional where as patterns are more one dimensional. The way our eye observes textures is fascinating because without feeling the texture itself, our brain can predict the feeling based off of familiarities and how we connect reality to virtual reality.

My first image is of the tapestry I hang on my wall behind my headboard. This pattern incorporates several key words that are listed in the book “Graphic Design The New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips. This tapestry has several dots thats are repeated throughout the fabric in one continues pattern. The image suggests a horizontal pattern repeating singularly, while also implying ideas of movement. The overall tapestry has a pattern of a mandala which is a pattern that sometimes has change in color, scale, or orientation, but always has a lovely symmetry.

My second image is of a pillow in my living room. This pattern is not as complicated as the tapestry but still has a repeating pattern with a light texture. The texture on the pillow almost looks like a gradient by the way I captured this photo in daylight. With curvy lines and diamond like shapes this pattern could easily be scaled into a larger pattern since this probably was just one tile created.

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