Texture Evan Taylor

For this assignment I found myself looking for patterns and textures that I pass every day without really noticing. The first picture is old concrete steps leading to my front porch. They are well weathered and pretty rough, on top of the steps is a shadow from a metal railing. The shadows create a repeating diagonal pattern of rectangles. I chose to take the picture from an angle that would create a different perspective of the steps that I found interesting. At first glance, you can’t tell exactly what you’re looking at but recognize the materials to be concrete and most likely outside due to the bright contrast from the sunlight as well as the worn down surfaces of the once smooth concrete.

20170829_120903 (1).jpg

The second image is more abstract than the first; most people probably wouldn’t recognize it without being told. It’s actually an old wooden window seal, at the base of a large window. The cracks in the paint create a texture and pattern along the entire piece of wood. Looking closer you can see that the cracks create lots of interesting shapes and marks varying in size. My favorite part of this picture is how the glass window mirrors the wood making it seem much larger than it actually is. The reflection reminded me of a virtual rendition because it’s an exact copy of the original object but you can’t physically touch or interact with it. The texture of the surface was consistent when brushing a finger across the cracks but inconsistent with dust that covered the surface of the paint.


20170829_120830 (1) (1).jpg


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