Texture: Sara Nielsen

I find the following four images relevant to the topic of our courses first project regarding pattern design. Our readings covering Texture and Pattern from Graphic Design: The New Basics. The first image I included is a wooden surface of a desk. Texture is apparent in the wooden design since you can feel the grain from the wood. However, pattern is also somewhat apparent differentiating between the dark and white wood. The second image I added is my JBL speaker. Texture and pattern are both made present since you can feel the bumpy plastic that covers the speaker. This plastic also features an almost minuscule circular pattern that contributes to both the sound and physical design of the object. Next, I added a zoomed in image of a craft painted gold with glass shards glued over the top. Multiple textures are utilized in the artwork between the smooth painted gold canvas and the jagged sharp pieces of glass placed on top. Pattern is less apparent and more abstract given the glass is placed sporadically over the canvas. Finally, my list image features the fabric of one of my sherpa jackets. The jackets texture is very soft and incorporates pattern with how the individual “fluffs” are sewn into the sherpa.

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