Texture: Joshua An

When I went out searching for patterns and textures, I was greatly inspired by the piece shown to us in class called Britta Maj cotton linen fabric.

The first picture I took was of a pillow that caught my attention in the lobby at my apartment complex. The pattern from the pillow might not be as colorful, but it does have a repetitive pattern like Britta Maj’s piece. Just like what it says in the reading, this pattern has a mechanical grid look to it.

Another picture I took was of the couch at my friend’s apartment. The reason why I felt this design was so interesting was because it seemed to be repetitive and somehow not repetitive at the same time. This pattern consists of the isolated forms in the readings like dots and stripes.

The last picture I took was of a chair in Goertzan Hall on campus. This pattern is pretty repetitive and the use of polygons in these patterns reminds me of Britta Maj’s piece. I feel as if every other ring shape on the design is identical. This pattern also reminds me of a picture from the pattern reading with red and blue pills with a caption under it called One Element, Many Patterns. The pattern changes over throughout the piece. The pattern from the reading has the shapes growing and shrinking throughout the image and the pattern from the chair has its shapes constantly being mirrored.

The textures from these three patterns are all similar. They are from furniture and have a thread-like texture to them.



A throw pillow from the lobby at my apartment complex.


A couch inside my friend’s apartment.


A chair inside Goertzen Hall on campus.

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