Texture: Katrina Bittner

For this assignment I found myself looking at everything in my room differently. There are so many different textures and patterns that I had never noticed before. When I think of texture, I think of how something feels. How even when you aren’t touching the object, it suggests physical characteristics and sensations. I found myself looking deeper at the simpler objects I see in everyday life and examining them further. There is so much more to texture than what I previously thought. Texture is not just how something feels but also how it looks. It can be concrete, physical, and virtual. The first image I included in this post is of my blinds. The image suggests a horizontal pattern repeating singularly, while also implying ideas of movement. The texture creates emphasis on the horizontal pattern, including dust and drop shadows that imply dimension. Before this assignment I would have never considered something such as blinds, to have a pattern or texture unless it was a super obvious print. katrina-bittner-dtc336-04

The second image is one of my favorite textures. This is a photo of the fuzzy rug next to my bed. My carpet is very rough and hard so I wanted to add a nice rug to give my room contrast and comfort. The various directions and lengths of the faux fur suggest movement. Although the surface is not uniform in pattern or direction, the blurred gentle ends of the fabric give it an illusion of being soft and plush. The stray strands of faux fur help blend it together and give the texture a soft appearance. katrina-bittner-dtc336-02

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