Texture: Steven McCracken

When I started searching for textures to use as inspiration, I knew I wanted to find some that could be interpreted in multiple ways since that’s always been interesting to me. I wok as a graphic designer in my off time so I have quite a bit of experience working with textures and I have a pretty good size library of them saved up. I went through and decided to choose my favorites from over the years.

This first texture is an up close view of some glass, but at first glance it may appear to be fog or smoke, which is why I love using it since different people see different things.


My next texture is another example of one that could be perceived in different ways. It’s black leather, but with some effects on it I’ve often used it to create a space-like effect for backgrounds.


This last texture isn’t very similar to my other two, since I feel like it’s hard to interpret it as anything other than fleece, but I decided to include it since it not only provides a texture that’s nice to look at, but it instantly reminds you of what it feels like, which can add a whole new aspect.



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