Texture: Elvira Alvarez


texture one

My shirt: taken on the bus

When I took these pictures, I was looking for everyday patterns and textures that are ignored. I believe that they have beautiful potential to become something greater.  The picture on the left hand side is the shirt that I was wearing.  I felt that it was an interesting pattern because it can be interpreted to be a different object other than its original form.  This pattern reminded me of something that was mentioned in the book “Graphic Design: The New Basics.” over the concept of lines and how they are formed by linear paths.  Linear paths can be made up from different elements whether it be smaller lines that form a bigger one and brings everything together or dots that form into lines. My pattern and texture consist mostly of thinner and wider lines.

texture two

Boyd’s frappe from Todd Hall

The picture on the right is a good example of texture.  This is a texture that forms on a solid base or a texture that takes the form of its container.  As was stated in “Graphic Design: The New Basics.” Texture is a form of conveying a physical presence and that is exactly what this kind of texture does. It conveys a message of the temperature of the drink, the time it was taken and what it is made out of as well.  It also has dots as a pattern, but they are all clumped together so they become a virtual form of texture.


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