Archives Visit: Tristan Moran-Salgado


Pg 1 of a comic written by James Neel (1985)

While I was at the Manuscripts, Archives, and Special collection in the library I as browsing through the collections of comics and graphic novels that was put on the tables to be looked at. There was many different comics to be looked at but there was only one that caught my attention and thought that it might affect how I design my poster comic. The page the that caught my attention was the first page of a comic that was drawn in 1985 by James Neel although I don’t know the title of this comic that I had caught my attention. What intrigued me about what I see in this comic is how the artist had drawn everything and the style of how he drawn them that I like about it. I like the scribble texture of the that he had made for the scenery, objects, and characters and the different tones of how they are drawn to show what’s shaded and what is important showing some foreground and background in place. If there anything that I would do to emulate what I like it would by what I use for my sketches on the bottom part of my poster comic. I could do some scribbling in the future ideas portion on my poster comic and it would give me more variation in texture in the project that I think would fit well for my project but it might be something I’m going to think about in the future.

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