Archives Visit: Jon Williams

On our trip to the archives, I found novelty in some of the smaller comics. I felt that even though they were small and short, their purpose was reached and they were fantastic little distractions if nothing else. This, however, only brings part of what I want to do to mind for my final project, and didn’t help in a major way. Bellow is an example of a poster image for a comic that was in the archive. My first thought when looking at this image was “how amazing would this look like under a black-light”. What struck me most about this poster was it’s surreal nature and how the scale of the poster comic allowed for more in depth detail and texture to be prominent. At first, I thought of using a simple concept for a poster and letting the content of the poster project speak for itself. The problem is, without guidance, the mind is free to wander. With this in mind, I believe I’ll move more in a direction of figuring out textures rather than using flat colors or images. An idea that has occurred to me recently about potentially making the background a cloth texture. The familiarity of the texture will flow with my story I want to tell, but I’ve got to find a texture to use that works well.20170406_094430

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