Archives: Angelica Tibule

During the trip to the archives, I have seen a collection of different


The Clock Strikes by Anton Makassar 

types of comic styles that gave me some inspiration and ideas that I could incorporate into my poster comic. The comic, “The Clock Strikes”  by Anton Makassar, uses different design concepts such as: layering, scale, texture, hierarchy, and framing. For my poster comic, similar to the title of this comic, I plan on creating a visual interesting font to make “Guam” and “Seattle” or “Washington” pop out. In addition, if I come up with an interesting title for my poster comic, I will apply the same idea I have for the font. In this comic, I liked the idea of how scale and framing is used to determine the hierarchy of the story. I will be using these design concepts towards my poster comic, and use speech bubbles or clouds to frame the text for each image.

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