Archives Visit: Ted Nikolov


One of the larger comics from the archives found, however I do remember the exact name/creator

After our trip to the manuscripts, archives, and special collections in the library, I was inspired and really enjoyed a couple of particular styles I noticed while browsing all the comics. What I liked about this one was the action lines created. When the characters are fighting I like how the artist imagines the fight and emphasizes the power through lines that are meant to signify their brawl. I think I will most likely include action lines like this in my poster comic. However, these lines are not the only things that led me to further discussing this comic. Overall I really enjoy the art style compared to a lot of the other comics. Some of the comics found in the archives visit had very interesting graphics, and this comic had artwork that I enjoyed because it reminded me a lot of superheros. I might try to mimic this art style in my project and will be including a lot of design techniques seen from this comic into my own.

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