Archives Visit – Mikah Chan

archives-visitThis example comes from Mark Newgarden titled Matchboxes (1980) , and really inspired an idea I had before visiting the archives. The original idea I had was to create a more rigid, punk rock inspired poster for my project. But this project asked for more of a narrative tone which really didn’t fit the the rock poster look. I feel like the framing of this comic would inspire the framing in my poster, each frame having a drop shadow detaching the picture from the background. Another design choice I am also inspired from this comic is the use of font in the comic. Using a mixture of images and text in my own poster, it was important to see the way text was used and placed in other piece like this comic to determine how to best use text.

With the punk rock design also, its background was going to be too busy. I planned on having different patterns and images as my background for my poster, but I figured this would be a poor choice in trying to tell a narrative (taking the audience’s attention away from the subject). So with this comic I was convinced to create a more singular, static image as my poster background. An image that would compliment the other elements telling a story, but not take focus away from the narrative. Overall I feel like this poster will help influence ideas for my poster, and looking at other peoples’ works was also inspiring for the brainstorming process.

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