Archives Visit: Jasmin Negrete


“Cross Current” Comic Book back cover.

During our visit to the Manuscript, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) I was able to look at a lot of different comic styles that could inspire my design for my poster comic. Throughout this collection of comic books there was a lot of interesting comics that reflected the direction I was going towards for my poster comic. One in particular was the back cover for the comic “Cross Current”. Throughout this comic cover there are various items laid out across the page, some bigger than others, as well as some over-lapping each other. However, what is inspiring me from this comic  is the idea of things overlapping each other, and making them seem like they are simply laying across a table. This is the type of style I am aiming for in my poster comic. From a distance, I want my poster comic to look like random objects scattered across a table. However, when you look closer at the items they are all connected in some way. For example, in my poster comic design I am going with the theme of life accomplishments, for both myself and family. So I want to make my design look like pictures, paper, awards, newspapers, and other objects scattered across a table. However, the importance of these individual items is determined by hierarchical scale, overlapping, as well as the location it is positioned in. Another feature from the “Cross Current” comic book cover that is giving me some type of inspiration is where and how the text throughout the comic is used. In the comic you can see that there is a few pieces of text being used in bold letters at the top of the page giving some type of guidance throughout the entire comic. I want to do something similar for my comic by using some text to help the viewer understand what the comic is focused on.



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