Archives Visit: Dave Herman


Page from Suurikur Pizza.

During my visit to the archives section of the library, I had a great time perusing the many old and interesting texts. I took quite a bit of pictures of images from the given comics and books, but I chose this one from a non-English comic called Suurikur Pizza. I am not sure what language the comic is in so I couldn’t get much more information on the comic. However I was intrigued by the layout of the page. I like how the top of the page is separated from the rest and the three images each have a different texture or design to them. I also liked how on the right side of the page, the artist used black space and white to edge shapes. The patterns all over the wall and the lady pop out from the layer underneath and look three dimensional. The whole page also has this goofy quality to it. The lady is taller than the door and everything is pretty simply shaped and geometric.

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