Archives Visit: Aaron Uptagrafft


Hand made colored woodcut and Illuminated letter

During the trip to the archives section I saw many elements that inspired my work, however one book that I found that was especially drawing to me was one of the really old manuscripts that were available. Part of the reason that I was so drawn to these in the first place was because they were books from periods like the 1400’s and really, how often do you get to look at something that unique, but the other half of why I was drawn to it was the illuminated letter and picture that the book had been flipped open to. Not only was it interesting that this part of the page seemed to stand out because of its color, when I got closer to the page the two elements seemed to pop out even more. I really liked how it caught my eye, and how when I got close I could tell that it had been hand drawn with the way that the color overlapped the borders of the frame on both objects and the texture that the area had due to someone pressing a dull point against the page. There was a trend, in What It Is by Lynda Barry, of overlapping handwritten objects and printed objects to make certain elements stand out. In my poster comic I want to try to incorporate both color and handwritten/digital objects to make things like speech bubbles for the characters seem like they stand out from each other and convey different emotion as each bubble is used to represent the main character’s state of mind.

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