Hierarchy: Toree Boutz

IMG_0877Earlier this week, I arrived back in Pullman after a week in southern California. Over the course of ten days, myself, twelve other college students, and three cars journeyed to Los Angeles and worked with the Union Rescue Mission and its partners, serving the homeless community in California. It was one of the most incredible weeks of my life.

Over the course of the trip, we spent a lot of time on the road in our caravan. One of the “Writing the Unthinkable” exercises in Linda Barry’s graphic novel, What It Is, involves writing down the first ten cars that come to mind. With my week in L.A. being on the forefront of my mind, the three cars that made the trek were on my list.

For the second project, I want to tell the story of our time in California. I want to create a road map scene with different “stops” along the way, each depicting a moment from our trip.

The concept of hierarchy will be utilized in my project as the road I am planning to create will function as a timeline of sorts. In relation to design, Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips explain hierarchy as, “the order of importance… in a body of text” (page 129) in their book, Graphic Design: The New Basics. I will be using visual hierarchy in this project, as the placement and spacing of elements on my poster will express the order of events in my comic to the reader. Additionally, my layering of elements will naturally put some objects on top of others, also creating order. The road piece will be layered over the background, and elements that depict “stops” will be layered over the road. This layering of various elements that have differing textures, patterns, and colors will create texture within my poster. I plan to use very different pieces to physically and metaphorically illustrate the dynamic situations and circumstances we encountered during our trip.

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