Hierarchy: Sanaya Nordine

For my poster, I want to create a poster exploring my childhood up to the present. “What It Is” by Lynda Barry got me thinking about my personal history, specifically when was the point of time that I “grew up”. Since I’m also “young” in terms of average lifespan, I want to also reflect on how much growing is still to come.


In my writing exercises, I found that was reflecting most on images from my past. In my reflection, I realized just how different I became since my years in high school. I thought it would be sort of cathartic to focus my project over the passage of time, and change.


The texture and layering of the poster will resemble the style of Lynda Barry’s book. I will use a variety of crafting supplies along with illustrations and images that I’ve scanned or cut out. Most of the layering will come from how I employ hierarchy. I want to section the poster off into four corners with a center image similar to the one featured here. These four corners will emulate different stages in my life and in the future.  In some corners, items will be laid out in a organized matter, and other will be chaotic. Ideally, this poster will read from left to right in traditional comic style.

I can’t say for certain how I plan to lay out any of these corners or what items I may include. The process of actually putting everything together is probably going to bring up a lot of new ideas. I’m expecting a lot of this to look different in the final product.

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