Hierarchy: Dave Herman


I have decided to use my poster as a kind of reflection of my growth in music. I have been playing guitar and various other instruments for about five years now as a hobby and have improved my musicianship quite far over that time. I wanted to use this project to illustrate my personal experience with music  and my musical influences that have guided me in my playing. I decided that i would have an acoustic guitar in the center and as the biggest image to display it as the highest image in the hierarchy of my poster. Next i added the two guitar picks that i tend to use the most at an angle that directs the audience’s eye back towards the center of the poster. I did the same thing with a bass guitar and electric guitar below the picks.Next i decided to put a piano behind everything which kind of illustrates how piano and a kind of classical essence of music has never been very present in my education. The other various objects on the poster serve as illustrations for the various musical influences that have shaped my musicianship. I made these objects smaller to surround the guitars, picks, and other instruments in the center. I wanted them to kind of flow towards the center, illustrating how they have influenced me.

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