Hierarchy: Leandra Choy

For my poster comic, I plan to show what my hobbies are, some background of where I grew up, and a little bit about myself (i.e. some of the things I like, favorite place to go, etc.) When I was doing the Unthinkable exercises, those were pretty random and consisted of things that were on my mind at that moment…. the result from doing the Unthinkable exercises consist of incomplete thoughts non sense in my opinion, not really suitable for my poster comic.

image1 (1).JPG

How I plan to lay out my poster comic is first establishing a background. I want to use these postcards I have (I collect them) and make a pattern with them. The postcards I have are Portland ones representing where I’m from and grew up. Using them as a background creates an interesting texture and a layer behind the other digitized items that represent characteristics of me.

Next, I want to place an old photograph of me and my parents in the center of my comic. Even though my parents were not in my life that much in my childhood, we have a close relationship. Surrounding that photo will be things like my artwork, some fandom things (Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, and My Chemical Romance), a manual to one of my favorite games, and some random items that represents a weird side of me. The photo in the middle with other items surrounding it is like showing different things that make me who I am.

My inspiration for my poster project comes from Lynda Barry’s collages in What It Is.

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