Hierarchy: Sophia Price

As I think about my poster project, I have decided to use hierarchy in a way that changed the view of my objects that personally remind me of what my unthinkable writing provoked. My writing made me think of a time when I went to Maui with my family. To find some alone time I would walk to get coffee and then go to the beach and read, write, or play solitaire. I want to tell the story of my days broken up my morning and my family. I think I’m going to use six frames to divide my story between the three days. This will provide general hierarchy to my days- they were all about equal in my memory. Within the frames, I shall use layering to give a push to the hierarchal order of my objects.


ROUGH drawing of what I plan to do.

I will have content glut to make each frame unique. I want to use my dress as the background in each of it, but change the angle, zoom, and textural view of it to change the setting of the frames. I will then place my other objects (book, cards, surfboard, coffee slip, and piece of coral) on top of it to tell different stories. I want to use layering to really give my story true depth, and to show which items have more urgency (more hierarchal power) than others. The dress is something I wore most days- its why I think its the perfect background. Everything else will be layered and textured differently to change its meaning for the day/frame. I’m hoping the layering might provide a content vacuum- taking away from the background images to pay attention to the more prominent focus of the frame.

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