Hierarchy: Emma Garcia

For my poster comic, I plan on using the story of traveling especially including the vacations that involve family and spending time with my family. My family loves exploring new places and going on vacations this is a time where we learn more about the culture around us and spend time together. Although many of the keychains are not from places I have gone with my family, I will still use the key chains to represent travel. I will also use jewelry and a letter E to represent family which are important aspects of my family. These items will be incorporated into my comic through the scans and they will show how family and travel have been combined in certain ways and are all important aspects of my life.

When doing the Writing the Unthinkable Exercises I thought about what was something I love to do and what is something meaningful in my life. This is where I got the idea to create my poster comic on traveling with family.

Hierarchy is “conveyed visually, through variations in scale, value, color, spacing, placement, and other signals” according to Graphic Design: The New Basics (Pg. 129). I will employ hierarchy and texture and layering in my composition in many different ways. For hierarchy, I will display the scanned images of the different key chains I have collected from the places I have traveled to and make them the central background. This will present the idea that they are important but not the main focus of the comic. Then I will use layering by placing different memories with family or items from the family that connects to the area I had visited. Texture will also be used because I am going to include images past images which create texture within the overall poster comic by having a different surface that is manipulated.

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