Hierarchy: Eva Guillen

I plan to tell the story of different major events that have happened throughout my life through the objects and pictures that I have. I am going to organize this compilation of images in a chronological order that the events have happened in my life. The story that I plan to tell using the poster comic format came from the writing the unthinkable exercises because as I thought about words it brought back memories. These memories have been part of major events in my life and that is why each word in the exercises held a certain meaning to them. These memories often triggered major events that happened throughout my life; I chose objects or pictures that defined and represented these major events in my life. I will then employ hierarchy by organizing these comic strip individual images by the order of importance. Then the texture that would be used would come from the different objects used throughout the comic strip. Then I would layer the images of the comic strip in the order I can see my representation the best fit. My comic strip draft below shows what I am planning as of now to do with my poster comic strip. At the same time it is still a draft because I still need to play with the best representation of my comic strip and how I may want to layer it. I want to continue playing with the overall layering of my images when I am creating the final piece; which is one of the main reasons why my draft is just a template of my final product.

This a draft of what my comic strip will look like but it is subject to change.

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