Javin Nash – Hierarchy


boondocks pics

Illustrated by: Aaron McGruder

For my second project “Project 2: Poster Comics” I will be telling a story about my life growing up in across America, resulting in my final destination where I spent the last seven years in Seattle Washington. I will probably label each different place I lived as a new chapter until the final chapter: Pullman and show how my life has progressed and what I am doing in college now. Detroit used to be known as “Motor City” for their mass production of motor vehicles so I will use a visual hierarchy for the object of the Cadillac that I will be displaying. I feel that this will give a sense to the audience a little bit of what Detroit was like when I live there (1995-1998). Since I have not yet tried mixing media I will use that for the Philadelphia chapter with the layering, although I am not sure what I will be layering just yet, maybe old pictures of me and my family mixed with a popular landmark in Philly. As for the texture part of this novel I will use money (dollar bills) because when I was younger I would sell school materials and candy to my peers all throughout elementary and the beginning of middle school for cash and with the money I saved up I would buy my mom flowers and other heart warming gifts. I do not have a picture yet for this post so I will post one that inspired me to create my poster comic.

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