Hierarchy: Noah Martin

For my poster comic I will mainly focus on my family and my friends. I am one of the only people from my hometown who goes to school here at WSU so I think that where I am from is also important part of who I am. I will use elements that relate to myself and my family and friends that will help to form a mountain scene with trees to represent my hometown. I will use scanned textures and objects to create this collage effect. The writing the unthinkable exercises were helpful because it helped to teach me to formulate my ideas in a new and creative way, the exercises train you to not overthink and just write what you are feeling in the moment.

When designing my poster an important element I will consider is Hierarchy. Hierarchy exists in almost everything from families to religion, in design hierarchy is used to show order of importance. A good example of the use hierarchy is seen in concert posters like Sasquatch-2017-Lineupthis one from Sasquatch. The name of the festival “Sasquatch” is in big bold letters centered at the top of the page because it is the first thing viewers will read. related information like the date and location is grouped directly above the Sasquatch logo. Also all the performing artists are grouped together in the middle of the page. The 3 main headliners are in a larger font than the other artists to show importance. Posters are typically read from top to bottom so for my poster I will put the most important elements at the top of the page to create emphasis. Another way I will incorporate hierarchy is by grouping related items. I believe if I use these methods it will make my poster easier to understand for the reader, and show importance in the elements.

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