Hierarchy: Cesar Rubio


I made this a while ago, I like to work with textures and line. I like to make things that look like they are not made on the computer. This is the inspiration for my comic. (c) Cesar Rubio 2015

Please excuse the late submission for this blog post. I looked all over to find prints of my past work, turns out they were in storage and not in my garage like I thought.

I don’t know exactly what narrative to tell in my comic, but I know that it will involve my love for older technology and music. I will scan a lot of my old mixtapes and vhs movie sleeves. I came to this decision, to go in this direction, after doing one of the writing exercises and the word “downhill”. I just remember that after completing that exercise (I had written out lyrics of songs that I used to listen to growing up) I could not get memories of growing up with my sisters and listening to music. Nowadays, we have very different music tastes, but we all have a soft spot for music that sounds like it is from the 80’s. Something about that aesthetic just brings us together. My comic will recount a memory of us three listening to music together.

I will employ hierarchy much like I did with the example above. Objects with busy textures will be in the forefront, while those in the back will be a lot less busy. I will try to employ drop shadows to imply depth to an otherwise two dimensional way of representing people and objects. Textures that I want to highlight will be above the rest, I did this with the leaves. I wanted the leaves to have implied motion as the male protagonist was pushing the wheelbarrow.





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