Hierarchy: Hak Do


I plan to tell a sort of time-line story using the poster comic format. The format is perfect to tell short stories and important events so I thought the story of the bond between me and my bestfriend (considered brother) was the best to do. I originally was going to do a story about my journey to pursuing the career that I am pursuing today but I felt as if it wasn’t that eventful. It arose from  the writing activity because the words and the story that I told reminded me of summer and summer reminded me of all the fun me and my friend went through. We spent nearly every day together every summer and it was probably the most fun moments of my life. I’m planning to use hierarchy in the form of color scale and position. I plan on making the objects that define our bond a lot more vibrant or colored than everything else. I am also using the object that is the most important to be by creating it into frame. As you can see on the concept draft of the comic the necklace is forming the main frame of the comic. The scale will be used on the objects to exemplify importance. The necklace is the biggest object out of every other object indicating that it is the most important object of them all. Also the title is scaled big to show that it is the title and what the comic is going to be about. I plan on making my name small because my name does not really matter. I want the audience to focus on the story being told. Position is the same as layering. I plan to layer it so that the objects sometimes are positioned on top of the comic frames. It leaves room for creativity. Texture will be included in the form of shading and fabric from on of my objects.

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