Hierarchy: Mikah Chan

I think the story I want to tell in my poster will be somewhat non-linear, creating more of a feeling or theme rather than a straight narrative.  When writing my Unthinkable exercises, I usually wrote about fragments of memories or feelings I had when remembering things of the past, which initially inspired this project. Creating a poster that reflects the past and the feelings associated, I think, will be interesting and more informal than a poster thats selling an ad or trying to tell a story step-by-step. I plan on using different receipts or stubs from events I’ve been too, pictures of myself and friends, and different magazine cutouts that I feel I relate to to create my poster. I also intend on finding different patterns (whether fabrics, doodles, or photos) to give more depth and interest visually to the poster, along with text that will probably include single adjectives or nouns strewn across the page to give some type of context to the poster. In terms of hierarchy, texture, adtc336-postersketchnd layering, I have plans for all three elements. I think the use of texture, such as the patterns or the ticket stubs, will give more of a made at home look. I noted in my poster sketch that it will resemble that old punk rock poster look, where the page is ripped or there is tape covering the edges of paper. I think this will be interesting visually, and create unique uses of texture. The layering will be important to my poster as well.  I plan on definitely crossing images on top of one another, my scanned items, the text used, and the patterns, to again create a collage-like effect on my poster. The layering and texture in my poster will help create the punk poster look I am going for, taking inspiration from older designs of the punk era and from this newer age of graphic design such as the use of transparent text. These two elements along with alignment, organization, text style, and experimentation with levels will help create my poster’s hierarchy. Dictating the emphasis and movement of one’s eye will be important in how the poster’s subjects and elements are interpreted. Strong visuals such as the images I plan on using will probably have hierarchical priority over the text and patterns, serving somewhat as centerpieces to my poster. Though text will likely be placed over images, I plan to use a more transparent look for the text so that it interacts with other visual elements without diverting to much attention to what I feel like are the more important elements within the poster.

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