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Rough Draft for my Poster Comic

I changed my idea a bit for my poster. Originally I was going to do a tribute to Beauty and the Beast, inspired by my writing with the word “Witch”.  However, upon reflection, I realized I could make a better poster inspired by my time in Paris, inspired by the word “travel”.   I’ve been to France twice, and each time it has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. As I wrote in the exercises, I realized I still have a lot to say about my time there.

For my poster, I’m going to make a map of Paris the background. On each of my significant locations, I’m going to put a memory trinket above it. I’m also going to scan pages of my diary from my first trip and highlight some significant moments.  I’m going to mix the memories of the first trip with the memories of the second.  I’m going to lay out my memories across the city from left to right following the routs I would take visiting different land marks and my day-to-day life.

I’m going to layer different images on top of each other. My tickets and flyers have different textures due to the type of paper printed on as well as some fading/wrinkling with age. I’m also going to include coins and a charging cord which will give the poster depth and dynamic interests. I’m going to add a picture of a key chain of the Eiffel Tower to give a three dimensional look to certain parts.


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