Hierarchy: Cass McKay

So my idea for “Project 2: Poster Comics” came from the “Writing The Unthinkable” excersises and I guess arose from my idea that Im deriving random thoughts and words through these so I might as well just tell a meaningless story.  Not that it wont intend to be intriguing but the concept is it to be a meaningless interaction I wouldn’t expand on otherwise.  Like me walking home from class I get home and my roommates out smoking a cig, then we talk about average unimportant things (squiggly line in speech bubble) I walk inside sit down and fall asleep in chair.  I believe this style of an idea will fit the poster comic format well.  Im still up in the air on the exact layout / hierarchy of it but will be more sure once I scan my items and get working on Thursday.   I will also be looking into today how I will be incorporating texture and layering into my work, one of my items I plan on scanning is a shoelace so that should help add to this as well as my other items!  Drawing storyboard idea today then will upload photo of plan after class!

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