Hierarchy: Nikki Aviles


For my poster I will be doing it on the topic of family. The reason I decided to do my project on family is because through the reading exercises, I noticed that a lot of the times when I would think back to memories that had to do with the nouns, my brother, or mom was right there with me. I don’t have a lot of things that remind me of my family up here because I am not from here so I left most of my valuables back in Hawaii so it was kind of hard to find objects for me to scan.

Hierarchy to me means an order of things depending on their value or importance. For my poster I will arrange my items in a similar fashion. I wan the most important things to me to be up front and center, and probably a pretty big size so it can catch the viewers eyes. The smaller items will be things that aren’t so important but are still relevant, and I will most likely be placed in the back. I would like to have my poster look more like a page out of Lynda Barrys book, where its a looser form, things don’t really have a specific place. The reason why I chose to design my poster this way is because I believe it adds more texture to the poster when you layer itmes, compared to an organized poster that looks flatter.

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