Hierarchy: Jasmin Negrete


Page 21 of Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “What It Is”

The story I plan to tell through my poster comic is the story of me growing up and going off to college. While doing the Writing the Unthinkable exercise I noticed that I was writing a lot about the memories I had growing up  and what made those moment special and memorable to me. I also reflected a lot on some of my family customs, and some objects that reflect those things. What I plan to do for my poster comic is create a background with the main items I have, this is a blanket that my family has had for a very long time. This item will create a texture for my comic poster, because the way I plan to use it is as if it was just laying there, so you are able to see the folds and creases that appear. Then I plan on layering the rest of my items on top of this background (so it gives kinda the effect that the items are scattered around the blanket). The items that I pan to layer on top of the blanket are family pictures, postcards, a flag, etc. This is where hierarchy I will be using hierarchy, since some objects have more meaning than others I plan to scale a few objects up and make them the center of attention in my comic poster. For example I plan to put the flag that I will be using in the middle of my comic poster and it will be the biggest object on the poster, which will signify its importance in my comic. Then around the flag I plan to scatter the images around, however I will strategically place them so they show some kind of hierarchy of what images are more meaning full and important to me. The inspiration that I am using to create my comic poster is page 21 of Lynda Barry’s graphic novel What It Is. As you can see on her page there is a main image in the middle surrounded by smaller images that add to what she is trying to say. This is kind of the idea that I am going for, however I still uncertain if I will decide to change the layout of it.




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