Hierarchy: Alex Gutzwiller


For my comic poster project I will be telling the story of my summer memories of the time I spent at my friend’s cabin in Minocqua, Wisconsin. The story behind this cabin goes much deeper than just being in the “Northwood’s” – what this area is known to those that live in Illinois and Wisconsin.  It’s about a bunch of my friends that developed a really strong friendship there. While studying What It Is, by Lynda Barry and thinking about her questions: “What is the Past?” (18) and “What Is The Past Made Of?” (19), often had me thinking about my Wisconsin memories and gave me inspiration for the comic poster. My friend whose parent’s owned the cabin is one of 4 boys and right across the street is another family of 4 boys and I lived 3 doors down. As you can imagine, I spent a great deal of time with all the guys down the street but at the cabin, where many of us went it seemed that those times were twice as fun. When I came home for some reason just before school started, I felt just a little bit older. Now that most of these friends are in college spread all over the country, I don’t get a chance to see them very often but Lynda Barry’s book brought back all the great memories I have.

SCAN0141Therefore, I thought I would use a photo of the cabin as a visual hierarchy, possibly centered in the middle of the poster. I feel how I scale this photo will give it more value as the lake house is the reason for telling my story. Because this area is called the Northwood’s I will probably use a photo of the signs containing the words “Northwood’s” or Minocqua (because they are seen everywhere) to express placement of the area and use them with layering. Additionally, because of the dense woods I am thinking of using an image of tree spaced away from the cabin to give it it’s own sense of visual hierarchy. The tree can also represent the seasons I spent up North because a tree grows over time. To give the comic texture I would like to use contrasting images of nature such as bark, logs, acorns, pinecones, which contain rough surfaces alongside and layered manmade images such as fishing lures and skis, which are smooth hard surfaces. I do not have a design yet for my comic however, because Lynda Barry inspired my idea about past memories, I am posting page 18 from What It Is?, which also on this page Barry uses hierarchy as the centered image on the left visually stands out with smaller boxed images on the right.

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