Hierarchy: Makenna Coxey


Page 8 from Lynda Berry’s book What It is.

This is a page from Lynda Berry’s book What It Is. the reason I chose this page was because I plan to model my design off of this collage theme. My page will have some differences, it will be lighter in color and not so gloomy feeling, also it will have sharper edges and everything won’t be so blended together, this could be considered as different frames. In my design I plan to use a photograph as the background and layer other elements on top of that. This creates a Hierarchy with the use of layers, the things that are in the very front must be the most important element of the poster whereas the back ground will be noticed but not any more than a glance. With this post the way that I will create texture is with the fabrics of my old cheer uniforms. Also, I will be using words or quotes to create come element of texture and layering as well. For this assignment, it will really be a memory from my past. Hierarchy will also be present in this poster with the use of scale the things that are bigger and in the front, are going to have a clear understanding of importance within the piece. I will also be using different colors to help move your eye throughout the piece the way that it is intended. Unlike Lynda Berry’s which can seam messy or unorganized, this poster will be clear, concise, and relatively easy to understand.

About Makenna_Coxey

Studies at Washington State University Major: Digital Technologies & Cultures Minor: Business Administration with a focus in Marketing
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