Hierarchy: Aaron Uptagrafft


pg 124 Graphic Design the New Basics

After doing the Writing the Unthinkable exercises from the book What it is by Lynda Barry, I had several ideas as to where I could take the direction of my second abstract comic. The most appealing idea that I had while doing these exercises was to make a comic about my day as a graphic designer. I put a lot of personal effort into the designs that I make and sometimes the customers can be real characters, so I thought that this could be a fun story to tell through my own eyes.

I plan on using Hierarchy in the comic by using my images to draw the reader’s eye down the page, causing them to read in ways that may not be completely normal to the human brain. I will also use hierarchy to establish importance of some of the elements, in areas such as placing one image on top of others on a page in order to help me tell the story of the page, and then inserting text around it.

I plan on using texture and layering hand in hand to create a comprehensive page that does than just serves as something pretty to look at. I want my textures for my background page to accentuate the emotion that I want the reader to have coming into the page and I will use the laying of pictures and sections of text over the top of it to add to this effect. For example if I wanted the reader to experience the chaotic experience of making a logo for someone who doesn’t think they know what they want but in reality have an exact image in their head that they expect you to produce, I would use a crumpled t-shirt or a piece of paper or really anything crumpled up to give the page a hectic look and I can top that off by layering fields of text and images over each other that kind of obscure the page and make it look like you’re looking for something in the page that isn’t there because it got covered.

I really liked this image on page 124 of Graphic Design the New Basics as an illustration of how powerful using these elements together can be. Specifically I really like how they have layered textures on top of each other in such a way that it appears as if all the elements are stacked on top of each other and are each actually an entire layer of the pattern they show. This adds this incredible sense of depth that makes you feel like you can dive right into the picture and its something that I want to try and emulate in my own comic.

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