Hierarchy: Aaron Scofield

Page 30 from Lynda Barry’s graphic novel, What It Is

In the book Graphic Design: The New Basics, Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips describe hierarchy as the “order of importance” in a design and that it “employs clear marks of separation to signal a change from one level to another” (129). Hierarchy can be seen all throughout Lynda Barry’s graphic novel, What It Is. For example, the image on the left from page 30 shows layers that are overlapping one another in order of their importance. I will be attempting to do something similar to this for my own project that will include layering and texture. I will be layering different objects over one another, such as text and images. By placing them over each other, I will be creating some sort of hierarchy. Textures will also be an important factor in my poster comic as I will be using different colors and textures across the page to create more variety. My plan for the poster is to show what I do practically every day of my life. From waking up to going to bed, I do almost the same thing every day and that includes going to school, learning more about my major, taking care of fraternity business, playing baseball, and worshiping God. I will display this on my poster using cutouts, images, and text. I plan to create separation between each of the different tasks that I mentioned above by overlapping text and images in order of their importance to my daily life.

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