Texture: Jon Williams


While society deems discussion of sex and sexual acts or those participating in the solicitation of sexual acts is generally taboo, this page references the thought process of someone who is directly involved with pimps and prostitutes. What it is by Lynda Barry, page 131.

Texture can be used in a variety of different ways to portray a story. On this page, Barry is using a combination of textures in the background and textures on objects in the foreground to tell a sort of hectic and chaotic story. Especially while looking at the octopus, the story of the thought process of the person speaking (possibly a prostitute) seems like it should be in black and white, like the octopus. In reality, it could be black and white, or it could just be showing the two sides of a person. The shading is very sharp and is composed of a bunch of strokes from a pen to both darken sides of the octopus and other creatures on the page, as well as creating spacing in the panel. For the spacing, the textured crosshatch creates both space and a different plane for the reader to recognize as space that’s not empty. Around the outside of the frame, to keep with the theme of the book, the frame is outlined in tape-like texture and legal-pad paper to give the impression of a scrap book. Combined with the sketching and cross hatching, the textures combine to show two distinct parts of the page. The frame, which has no cross hatching and no thin pen marks at all, and the center which is filled with thin pen strokes making up all objects.

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